Moore's Martial Arts

Teaching True Self-Defense for over 50 years


Transforming kids through the discipline of martial arts

A child with a healthy dose of self-esteem has the best self-defense against life's challenges. Martial arts does exactly that for our little ones.

Teaching our children to Stand Strong

Developing confidence in our students by shaking off poor posture and standing tall. They instantly feel more awake, in control and confident to engage with others.

It's important to teach our children self-respect, self-control, patience, being kind, but...

Something we don't talk much  about is developing a strong PUNCH! It's a resource we don't want them to use, but it's definitely something they should have in their tool box of life. At one point everyone should learn self-defense. 

Teenager Programs

Students learn the way they treat others in and out of the dojo will reflect on them as people

Teenagers who study martial arts learn the benefits of self-control and discipline with every lesson. Our classes emphasize core values like discipline, respect, and persistence. 

Your teenager will stand strong and confident

People who study martial arts carry themselves with strength and authority, and that can ward off attackers.

Most importantly is developing their skills for self defense.

We hope to never have to use it, however self-defense is a resource everyone should have in their tool box of life.